West Vancouver Community Cultural Fest

May 31st, 2024

On Friday May 31st, 2024, Zornitza Ensemble attended the West Vancouver Community Cultural Festival. This is an annual event, held at Ambleside Park, that features a variety of different cultures, and performances. Located right by the water, the scenic views of West Vancouver are among the many beautiful aspects of this gathering.

This event is a clear and evident celebration of creativity, friendship, and diversity. The festival promises an unforgettable experience by engaging the crowds with traditional music and dance performances as well as international cuisines. The festival also exhibits many different types of artistry ranging from pottery to textiles, and offers in depth workshops that allow for a glimpse into the richness of all countries in attendance.

It was Zornitza’s third attendance as a group, and they were thrilled to be back! The repertoire performed consisted of their shopian program–ten minutes of intricate footwork and phenomenal energy! The Shopian region of Bulgaria includes dances that are energetic, exuberant and follow a faster rhythm. The dances are accompanied by strong calls, and high leg movements. The choreographies performed by Zornitza this year included the famously known Graovski, and Petrunino dances. The sheer joy and evident adoration for the art was clear in every single step taken on stage, from start to the very finish. Zornitza is beyond grateful to have had the opportunity, yet again, to be a part of such a wonderful and truly celebratory event! They are looking to the future with fondness and excitement. They are happy in knowing that the growth of this event signifies cultural connectedness and mutual respect.

Aside from the wonderful performances, the festival aims to promote a sense of belonging and connection. The exceptional blend of cultures and traditional factors serves to unite the community. The unity promoted through this yearly gathering is one of laughter, love, and acceptance.

Autor: Emma Stoyanova