Serbian Days

On June 2nd 2024, Zornitza had the pleasure of once again taking the stage at the Annual Serbian Days Festival at the St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church in Burnaby. This is a two day festival which showcases the diversity and beauty of different folk dance groups as well as authentic traditional cuisine and music.

Zornitza was proud to represent the Bulgarian culture and folk dancing spirit alongside other Vancouver groups such as Folk Misteria, Folk Group Kitka and Hubavitsi Performance Group. In addition to the many dance ensembles, there were instrumental performances by Hristo Popov-Kuker dance and Duo Balkanaria. When looking at all the groups collectively, a wide range of dances and musical performances were presented, creating a beautiful representation of Bulgarian culture, history and tradition. Zornitza performed all three of their dance programs: Shopian, Pirin Macedonian and Lazaruvane choreographies. While the Shopian dances focus on upbeat and fast steps creating an energetic feeling amongst the crowd, the Pirin Macedonian dances are marked by graceful movements, intricate patterns, and a deep connection to history and identity. They also performed the newest addition to their dance program, the Lazaruvane choreography, distinguishable by vibrant blue costumes and characterized by ritualistic elements, including lively steps and circle formations that embody cultural continuity. The famous song “Ripni Kalinke” from the Rodopi region was also featured on stage performed by Zornitza’s very own gajda player Christian and singer Dania. We are also pleased and honoured to welcome Bulgarian folk singer Nadia Sheshenska into the Bulgarian community, who touched the hearts of the audience with her performances representing the many different regions of Bulgaria!

The Serbian Days Festival has become a long-time favorite within the Bulgarian community for over a decade, where many of Zornitza’s dance members have performed for nearly 15 years! Whether you are a dancer, musician or dance enthusiast and spectator, there is plenty to enjoy at this special gathering.

We hope you join us all again next year!

Autor: Dilyana Dimitrova