Zornitza on Film

Monday nights are dedicated to perfecting existing dances, creating new ones and practicing “hora” as a group. Amidst the routine, some Mondays unfold with an unexpected and exciting twist.

This week’s practice brought a thrilling opportunity, as we had the pleasure of being a part of a creative and inspiring project.

Zornitza’s dance session turned extra lively, as we welcomed BCIT students, Anthony Atanasov and Ben Bouguerra, enrolled in the BCIT Journalism Program.

Anthony and Ben sought our collaboration in completing their final project, which consisted of creating a video production centered around the theme “Exploring Your Roots”.

While Anthony was born and raised in Canada, his roots trace back to Sofia, Bulgaria. Sofia holds a personal significance as he has visited several times, and is where his extended family resides. Anthony was inspired to “explore his roots”, by joining Zornitza’s practice and delving into the rich traditions and history encapsulated in Bulgarian Folk Dancing. 

Both, Anthony and Ben were eager to highlight the beauty of Bulgarian culture and the bond within the Bulgarian community shared through the art of folklore dancing.

The joyous practice unfolded on camera, showcasing our vibrant costumes and letting our dances tell their own stories. Some team members also shared insights about the group, their personal experience with Zornitza, and the motivations that bind us in one-on-one interviews. The whole team felt honored and grateful to be a part of such a unique experience. 

The night was filled with laughter, team bonding, and new friendships – all set against a backdrop of spirited dancing. We even managed to convince Anthony and Ben to take a break from filming and join us for a group “horo”.

Wishing Anthony and Ben the utmost success with their project!

We are thrilled to be able to share the final product and showcase their hard work with all of you!

Autor: Lilia Hristova