Kanatitza Festival

September 22nd, 2023

On September 22nd of 2023, at the M.J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby, Zornitza participated in the first ever Kanatitza Festival! This was a 3-day Bulgarian Festival for Dance and Hand Stitched Embroidery hosted in Vancouver by the Bulgarian-Canadian Society of BC. It included a concert, a traditional needlework exhibit, ethnic cuisine, movie screenings, and children’s activities. 

The festival was named “Kanatitza” after one of the universal symbols of the beginning of the family or the village, and of peace and unity. This is an ancient symbol, dating back to approximately 5300 years BC, and has been used by societies all around the world. The festival organization and preparation were done in close coordination with the Consulate of the Republic of Bulgaria in Toronto, the honorary consul of the Republic of Bulgaria in Vancouver, Mr. Ron Suh, and with the embassy of the Republic of Bulgarian in Ottawa.

Kanatitza festival was held in honor of two special anniversaries for the Bulgarian community here: the 20th anniversary of Bulgarian dancing activities in Vancouver, and the 30th anniversary of the opening of St. Cyril & Methodius Bulgarian Heritage Language School & Folklore Society. Additionally, September 22nd is the day in 1908 on which the Bulgarian state declared its independence, adding even more significance to the beautiful festival. Alongside Zornitza, Kanatitza hosted Bulgarian folk dancing groups from Vancouver, California, Denver, Kitchener, Montreal, and Toronto. The dancers of Zornitza were honored to participate in such a celebration of Bulgaria’s rich culture.

Autor: Rositza Kayriamova