10th International Fashion Gala in Vancouver

December 10th, 2023

ZORNITZA performed at the 10th International Fashion Gala in Vancouver!
On December 10 an unforgettable night of fashion took place at the Executive Hotel in Richmond.

IFG and Art Association presented the 10th anniversary of the International Fashion Gala in Vancouver. It was a very remarkable night due to the many memorable unique performances.

The show started early in the evening in a big gala room with a long catwalk stage. All the guests were watching breathtaking performances, stunning fashion displays from diverse cultures, and listening to enchanting tunes from @vmocanada, while dining a lavish dinner with tasty delights that were able to please anyone’s taste buds!

Of course, there was more than just watching the mesmerizing show. There was a small but well-put-together art gallery right outside the gala room, as well as many professional photographers who were willing to take anyone’s photo. During an intermission about halfway through the show, there was an auction led by the host David Chen for a chance to win a fabulous prize, where people also had the opportunity to mingle with fellow fashion enthusiasts.

Our Ensemble Zornitza performed two of our rhythmic and sensational group dances – “Makamlyisko” and “Shirto” taught by our dance choreographer Snezhana Ignatova. These dances were performed by nine of our talented folk dancers: Anna, Christian, Dilyana, Dima, Emma, Evgenia, Lilia, Niya, and Hrisa, and they provoked a large applause. The traditional costumes worn by the participants were the “Shopski” and the “Pirinski“ dresses, which strongly connect to Bulgarian ethnographic regions and its culture where traditions were passed down from generation to generation.

This eventful night was more than just a fashion show; it was a great occasion to support and celebrate local and international artists while giving them a platform to shine.

It was the ultimate all-exclusive experience. A night full of elegance, creativity, and community.

Autor: Chrysa-Marina Kontogianni